Manifesto 2017

On 18 April, the Prime Minister, Theresa May, announced that a snap General Election would be held on 8 June 2017. 

While business does not like the uncertainty that comes with elections and referenda, the vote will settle who runs the United Kingdom for the next five years. NFDA and the wider business community will be looking to the new Government to set a clear direction of travel following Brexit. The election must be used to secure continued investment, business development and maintain consumer confidence as the UK enters a period of political and economic uncertainty. 
In response to the election, NFDA has launched its 2017 Manifesto. This document details the top priorities of the automotive retail industry, a key sector of the UK's economy and workforce. A sector that must be listened to by the new Government, Opposition and key political stakeholders.
Download a copy of the manifesto here.
To see a summary of the party's business commitments, click here.