About Us

The National Franchised Dealers Association (NFDA) Commercial Vehicles division represents franchised van & truck dealers in the UK.  It promotes the interests of franchised dealers in the UK through dialogue with manufacturers and Government and organisations such as  DVSA, DVLA  plus other trade associations.

Our membership consists of dealers that range from the large dealer groups to small family owned van & truck dealers.  Members represent all of the main franchises available in the UK and offer a wide range of services.

The NFDA provides a number of services to its members:

  • Lobbying UK and European Governments
  • Liaising with industry trade bodies and other stakeholders
  • Business guidance and advice
  • Legal and HR support   
  • Taxation and VAT advice
  • DVSA and MOT advice
  • National truck council quarterly meetings
  • Press comments on dealer issues