Lobbying & Policy

Current Lobbying Campaigns


  • A supportive and open UK business environment and open trade with the EU. This includes:
  • A liberal relationship and Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the EU,
  • Maintained use of freight and cabotage rules.

Download the NFDA and icdp's discussion paper: Life After Brexit here.

Accessible and affordable finance

  • Affordable and accessible finance for both businesses and consumers, during and post Brexit,
  • Finance houses and banks are able to maintain their ability to provide subvented (i.e. manufacturer subsidised) finance in the UK. 

UK needs to be able to access finance easily following Brexit. Failure to have accessible finance will negatively impact the automotive retail industry.

A focused national retail strategy 

  • Governmnet must revaluate and develop the UK's current retail stratgey which was first published in 2013,
  • Maintain the benefits currently experienced from the Single Market and Customs Union following Brexit, These have included zero tariffs and limited customs checks. 

Due to the free movement of goods and lack of restrivtive border checks, these have lowered consumer costs (as warehousing at borders is avoided) and provided consumers and businesses with quick delivery times for goods.

A fair and transparent fuel policy

  • Fuel policy must be proactive and not retrospectively punish those who bought diesel in good faith,
  • Government should consider all types of air pollution,
  • Continue to support the consumer uptake of electric vehicles through grants,
  • Remove or increase weight restrictuons for electric commerical vehicles.

Industrial support

  • Introduce delegating testing for Heavy Goods Vehicles,
  • Improve the UK's road network,
  • Provide maintenance and repair funding for UK roads.

Payment charges

  • Government to address the growing problem of debit card payment charges and hold an early review of the policy and its impact.

NFDA manifesto

In response to the snap General Election, NFDA launched its 2017 Manifesto. This document details the top priorities of the automotive retail industry. Download a copy of the manifesto here.

For more information, please contact the NFDA's Government Affairs Officer, Katy Recina on katy.recina@rmif.co.uk or 020 7307 3422