Will tariffs applied by non-EU countries be affected?

Tariffs applied by non-EU countries on imports from the UK (and vice versa) are unaffected, apart from those countries where the EU has an FTA or equivalent in place which the UK has not managed to replicate by the time of its exit (for example, Canada, Japan or Turkey).

For these countries, tariffs could revert to that country’s (higher) MFN rate. Tariffs on UK exports to countries with which the UK had negotiated an FTA (for example, South Korea) to come into effect on the date of full withdrawal would be set at the lower tariff level as laid out in that FTA.

This document provides possible/general perspectives for members to consider in the context of a no-deal Brexit. The precise scope of such an outcome is not clear and would, in any event, still result in huge uncertainty. This note does NOT constitute legal advice. It is not exhaustive. Members should seek their own legal advice (based on their own circumstances) before acting.