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New passenger car registration figures showed that the market declined by -14.4% in December on the same month last year and -5.7% yearly on 2016. Despite recent negative media coverage and speculation, the UK new car market closed 2017 in line with the forecasts at the start of the year and remains at very high levels. Sales of light commercial vehicles grew by 2.9% in December and saw a moderate decrease of -3.6% compared with over 2016. If you would like to receive a copy of the registration figures, please email

Drive My Career, the new NFDA project aimed at attracting young people to automotive retailing will be launched in just a few weeks. Through Drive My Career young candidates will be redirected to your business’s career page where they will be able to apply for the roles most suited to their skills and interests. The website will showcase a number of jobs available as well as various success stories of people currently employed in the industry. Please find more details below and contact us on 01788 538 303 to join this initiative.

The compliance deadline for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is approaching and, to continue to assist you, NFDA will be holding two additional workshops focussing on the issue of contract remediation. These will be taking place on Thursday 1 February and Friday 9 March at the Warwick Hilton. If you would like to attend, please email

The NFDA GDPR helpline is also up and running: for all your urgent queries please ring 01788 538 304.

Finally, Driving Digital will be back on 8 February 2018! Keynote speakers will explore the implications of the digital world in the used car market and share a number of innovative and practical ideas. Please contact to book your place.

NFDA is your trade association: if you need any assistance, guidance or clarifications, please ring our member helpline on 01788 538303