In an era when you can purchase almost anything at the click of a button online, the car buying process seems archaic. Thanks to a wealth of new, intelligent software, an increasing number of manufacturers and retailers are taking vehicle sales online. But are car buyers ready for this?

According to data published by Click Dealer, over 8% of consumers have interacted with their online deal builder and left a reservation fee, an early sign that consumer appetite is already there. It’s advancements in technology that are now allowing dealers to improve the overall retailing experience for a customer. Click Dealer’s latest statistics also show that 26% of customers who interacted with the deal building software begun their buying journey between 6-9pm when most dealerships would be uncontactable. These findings represent a shift in the way consumers want to buy vehicles and how the market is adapting to accommodate this for both new and used vehicle sales.

By providing customers with the option of completing part of their deal online, you will be making the car purchase process more convenient and transparent for them. Although, online vehicle retailing isn’t just beneficial for your customers. Automating quotes and enabling consumers to create their own deal online can save you a significant amount of time and if all customers have to do at your physical dealership is pick up their new car and fill out the paperwork, the process will be far more efficient.

Not only can stock be shifted faster, but selling brand new cars via an online retailing platform could also save you the trouble of having to pre-register stock, boosting your profitability. It might just be time for your dealership to start embracing the future of automotive retail.