“It is vital that the government and the EU come together and agree that frictionless, tariff-free terms of trade are in the interests of the whole sector, in order for the retail motor industry to progress and thrive in a stable environment”, said RMI Chairman Peter Johnson, speaking at this year’s Retail Motor Industry Federation annual dinner in London on 11 October 2018.

Since the referendum in June 2016, businesses in the UK have been waiting for clarity on our future terms of trade with the EU, and for clarity on who we are going to be able to recruit to work in our businesses.

Peter Johnson added, “Whilst we have been part of the EU, we have become accustomed to frictionless and tariff-free trade between the UK and the other countries of the EU. It has meant that automotive parts can be delivered quickly from wherever they are made or held in stock and vehicles can be ordered and transported across borders in minimal time.

“Considering the automotive sector provides direct employment for over 800,000 people, it is essential that the government makes a commitment to outline a clear and beneficial deal in order to ensure our industry has what it needs to secure its future success.”

Political editor Robert Peston was the guest speaker at this year’s dinner.

For a full copy of the speech please email louise.woods@rmif.co.uk