On Monday, we will publish the autumn 2018 issue of The Voice. The publication will include a summary of the latest results of the Dealer Attitude Survey which saw Kia top the key questions and hold the highest average across all questions, while Mitsubishi was the most improved manufacturer with an increase of more than 60 points in the whole survey.

Also featured, an analysis of the main findings of the Consumer Attitude Survey Autumn 2018, monitoring the perceptions of consumers in aftersales. Positively, the results showed that franchised dealers continue to be seen as the safest option to service a car.

The Voice will also provide you an update on Drive My Career, including the latest news about the strategies we have implemented to talk to young people and our most recent partnership. The ongoing NFDA Parliamentary Engagement Programme is also mentioned in the Voice, showing you what happens when you host your local MP.

Finally, you will be able to read about WLTP and especially how you can turn the challenge into an opportunity, as well as all the latest developments in employment law.

A list of the upcoming event is also included: December’s NFDA regional meetings, AM Live, Driving Digital, the NFDA Spring Ball 2019 as well as our trip to the NADA Expo in San Francisco.

The Voice Autumn 2018 will be available at: https://www.nfda-uk.co.uk/press-room/the-voice/2018