MOT risk rating

From 12 November 2018, a new method of calculating MOT risk of non-compliance will be introduced. This method will assess every MOT testing station and MOT tester. They will be rated as either red, amber or green - with red being the higher risk.

The purpose of risk rating and the site review is to make sure the MOT testing station:

· Meets the standards and requirements to provide MOT tests

· Has procedures to support the MOT tester so vehicles get the right outcome at their MOT test

MOT testers

Each MOT tester will have an individual risk rating. The risk rating is calculated by comparing their individual test information against the national averages. MOT testers whose information greatly varies from the average will get a higher rating. A high rating is a flag to the AE and DVSA.

A high rating does not necessarily mean that the tester is doing something wrong. However, there is something that will need to be looked into to find out the reasons why.

MOT testers can see their risk rating by going to their profile. Only MOT testers can see their individual risk rating. It’s the tester’s choice whether or not to share this information with anyone. The risk rating is calculated using data from the testing service and details of unsatisfactory inspections. Other incidents are also taken into account.

MOT testers can see details of unsatisfactory inspections or incidents in their events. Go to your profile and select Event history on the right-hand side.

To see details of your testing performance go to your test quality information page in your profile.

How MOT tester risk ratings are refreshed

MOT tester risk ratings are refreshed monthly. This will pick up any changes that happened in the previous month.

For example, the risk rating will be refreshed if:

· An MOT tester moves from an MOT testing station which mainly tests older vehicles with a high failure rate to a station which mainly tests 3-year-old vehicles with a normal failure rate

· There’s an unsatisfactory re-inspection

MOT testing stations

An MOT testing station risk rating is calculated from:

· The testers who are testing there

· The site review

· The outcome of unsatisfactory visits and inspections

AEs and site managers should use their test quality reports for information on their testers’ testing profile. Get information on test activities and incidents by going to the AE profile page and selecting Event history.

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