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Tell DVLA you’ve sold, transferred or bought a vehicle has been available since 2015 and includes two services for the motor trade:

• bought a vehicle into the trade, tell DVLA about a purchase so they can show that the vehicle is ‘in trade’

sold a vehicle out of the trade, give the new keeper details and tax the vehicle and DVLA will update their records and send out a V5C log book.

DVLA will automatically send a refund of remaining vehicle tax to the previous keeper and cancel any direct debit. It’s important that you tell them online straight away when you buy, sell or register a vehicle off road. Refunds are issued from the date they receive a notification of sale.

The online service has many benefits:

• improved customer service, no paperwork to send to DVLA so no mailing costs or documents being lost in the post

• DVLA’s records update immediately – this means they have accurate details from the point of transfer

• automatic refund issued more quickly to customers instant email confirmation

• V5C log book received within 5 working days

• the ability to tax the vehicle during the online transaction

• number plates can be made up more quickly by downloading the electronic V948.

Let DVLA know what you think. Your feedback will allow them to continually keep improving the service.

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