One key milestone: Renault’s partnership

December 2018 will mark ten months of operation of Drive My Career. Although the key objective of the initiative has remained the same throughout, the strategies implemented have changed and improved driving better results each month.

One of the key milestones was the partnership with Groupe Renault back in October. Renault was the first manufacturer to sign up all its NFDA member dealers to the initiative, meaning that all these dealerships were added to the interactive dealer-finder map. The map is where, by entering their postcode, young people can find the dealer groups that operate in their local area and apply for one of the career opportunities available.

Groupe Renault’s Director of Total Customer Experience, Mark Crockett, explained to Auto Retail Profit that they see Drive My Career as “complementing” their own recruitment platform and valued the attention Drive My Career places on advertising “all manner of different roles”.

“We have our own recruitment platform where we advertise where advertise the opportunities we have across our network and then that links out to key recruitment channels. We see Drive My Career as complementing that.

“I see initiatives like Drive My Career as one of the ways in which we can help the younger generation discover the industry.

“We want to attract people to our apprenticeship programs but we want to communicate all roles across the business to get all the people with the right attitudes”, Mark Crockett added.

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