In October, we published the first Drive My Career Insight report. The aim of the report is to provide Drive My Career’s members with a greater insight into their target audience of young people aged between 16 to 24.

The findings are based on a number of questions that are asked on the Drive My Career’s website through easy-to-complete, short surveys. These are shared and promoted across social media to obtain a better response rate.

The first two surveys asked questions about the overall perceptions of working in the automotive industry as well as undertaking work experiences in the sector. In total, there were more than 300 responses. Going forward, we will be asking again the same questions to examine any potential movements.

One of the key findings showed that 61% of our respondents had never thought about working in automotive retail before. Interestingly, out of all sectors outlined, ‘sales’ seemed to be the sector that interests young people the most.

We are now asking Drive My Career’s members whether there any specific questions or topics they would like us to cover in the next survey which will be launched before Christmas.

These can range from the aspects the candidates find useful/stressful in the application process for a new job or the elements they would like to find in their ideal working environment.

If you have any feedback or ideas, please email