The following stories have been brought to our attention via latest DVSA blog. Our industry has very well trained and hard-working MOT testers keeping motorists safe on the roads.

All shook up

Here is a picture of a 2005 Toyota Landcruiser that came in for a "Quick MOT" before the owner set off on a trip with his caravan in tow. The chassis mounting point for his nearside rear trailing arm had completely rotted away and the back axle was floating about. The owner said it felt a little odd on acceleration. Needless to say the vehicle was scrapped.

Spring loaded

Another garage in East Sussex found that this car’s suspension was badly damaged and needed to be fixed before the car was driven again and it was incredibly dangerous. The garage spotted this and put it right

Hanging on without a thread?

A customer brought this Audi A4 for a bit of work into a garage. They found the lower mounting bolt about to fall out. Work had recently been carried out in a nearby area as well, so surprising it wasn’t spotted!

Tied in knots

DVSA were sent a picture of a seat belt nicely tied together. Seatbelts are meant to be in one piece and actually work. There would be no restraint for the person on the seat in the event of an accident.

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