The 2012 Ford Focus Estate (petrol manual) was May’s fastest selling used car, taking an average of just 18 days to leave UK forecourts, according to Auto Trader. The more practical and space conscious counterpart to the iconic Ford Focus, the 2017 Skoda Superb estate (diesel manual) came in a close second with a 21-day average.

Estates were the most searched for body type, representing one in five (21%) of all body type related searches in May. It was followed closely by hatchbacks and SUVs, which both accounted for 17% of searches.

Ford’s national win was mirrored across a number of the regions and countries tracked, with the Blue Oval taking the top spot in East England (2016 Ford Kuga diesel manual – 28 days), East Midlands (2012 Ford Fiesta petrol manual – 23 days), North East (2016 Ford Kuga diesel manual – 23 days), Northern Ireland (2016 Ford Kuga diesel manual – 26 days), South East (2018 Ford EcoSport diesel manual – 17 days), Wales (2016 Ford Kuga diesel manual – 31 days) and Yorkshire (2013 Ford Focus petrol manual – 25 days).

Conventional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles continue to be the most searched for specified fuel type on the Auto Trader platform, representing 92% of all fuel searches. However, searches for petrol and diesel grew at a conservative monthly rate of just 1% and 2% respectively, whilst searches for pure electric vehicles jumped 14% from April.