Drive My Career has launched a new campaign to raise awareness of the different jobs available across all the sectors of the automotive industry. Content about the different sectors will be posted over the next two months.

Every week the focus will be on a different sector from technicians to sales, and marketing to administration. Images and videos will describe the different job roles, illustrate the respective career paths and outline the qualifications needed and that can be achieved throughout a specific career.

The campaign will run across Drive My Career’s social media channels to raise awareness of the different careers job seekers can pursue in the automotive industry. The platforms that will be updated every day with content about the new campaign include Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

All posts will include the hashtag #DMCAutoSectors allowing Drive My Career to measure the success of the campaign along the way. Key metrics such as views and clicks on the posts will provide an insight into the engagement with the target audience of people aged between 16 and 24.

On the Drive My Career website, users can already familiarise themselves with the different sectors of automotive retail and see how they can ‘reach the top’ starting from any roles. On the same section, there is also a quiz that tells you the sector that best suits you depending on your skills and interests.

Type #DMCAutoSectors on your social media platforms and Google to follow the new campaign.