Those registering motorhomes on or after 1 September 2019 must supply information on CO2 emissions and the list price as part of the vehicle’s first registration process.

Regulatory changes have made this mandatory for all manufacturers of ‘Special Purpose vehicles’, which includes motorhomes, changing the way the vehicle is taxed.

Currently, these vehicles are classed as Private Light Goods (PLG) and Private Heavy Goods Vehicle (PHGV) for tax purposes.

With the CO2 figure now becoming mandatory for WLTP approved vehicles, these vehicles’ first year licensing rate will be based on the CO2 figure provided. In subsequent years, the vehicles will fall under the standard tax scheme, plus additional rate, where applicable.

If the vehicle is type approved under the old NEDC regime, it does not have to have a CO2 value and will continue to be taxed as Private Light Goods (PLG) or Private Heavy Goods Vehicle (PHGV) tax class.