The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) has a large number of successful customer digital services currently online, these include:

Access to Driver Data (ADD)

Real-time retrieval of driver entitlement, Tachograph and Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) data where applicable.

Automated First Registration and Licensing (AFRL)

For motor manufacturers and retailers to register and licence new vehicles.

Bulk Electronic Re-licensing Transactions (BERT)

For Fleet Operators to re-license large numbers of vehicles.

Certificate of Destruction (COD)

For Authorised Treatment Facilities to inform DVLA of the destruction of a vehicle.

Electronic Vehicle Licensing (EVL)

License your vehicle or tell us it is off the road (Statutory Off Road Notification – SORN) – Offers Direct Debit.

Online Enforcement Penalty (OEP)

Pay a DVLA fine online.

Personalised Registration (PR)

Retain a personalised registration number or assign it to a new vehicle online.

DVLA Personalised Registrations

Search for and purchase personalised registration numbers online.

View Driver Licence (VDL)

View your own driving licence details: entitlements, vehicles you can drive, penalties, disqualifications, tachograph and CPC data where applicable.

Vehicle Enquiry Screen (VES)

Provides vehicle details including tax and MoT expiry, date of first registration colour, engine size and more.

Vehicle Management (VM)

Tell DVLA that you have sold your vehicle.

View Vehicle Record (VVR)

For fleet companies to view their whole fleet and drill down to individual vehicles to check tax and MoT status etc.

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