Stress is biggest issue for automotive industry people - according to Ben’s latest survey results

On Wednesday, on National Stress Awareness Day, Ben, the automotive charity revealed the results from its most recent business survey, in which automotive industry employers identified stress as a major issue affecting employees.

A total of 70% of respondents to the employer survey said stress had most affected their employees’ health & wellbeing - particularly those in the manufacturing and retail sectors. This was also reflected in the latest employee survey, with 57% saying they are stressed at work, 47% are stressed at home and 35% are stressed at work and home.

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Click here to read the results and commentary which provides practical advice for employers on how to support the health & wellbeing of their employees.

In the employer survey, respondents were also asked to spontaneously mention issues most likely to impact automotive businesses over the next five years. The top three issues mentioned were skills shortages (38%), Brexit (26%) and technological changes (23%). These issues have undoubtedly had an impact on the stress levels of those working in the automotive industry. The results of the surveys were included as part of Ben’s first ever whitepaper released last month, called Mental health in the automotive industry: moving up a gear.

Rachel Clift, Health & Wellbeing Director at Ben, said: “This National Stress Awareness Day, we felt it was important to share our latest survey results, which highlight that stress is a significant issue for automotive industry employees.

“We want to make a positive difference to the health & wellbeing of those who work in the automotive industry. Through our annual surveys, we listen to automotive industry people and employers to aid our understanding of health & wellbeing issues they are facing. This enables us to provide the right support to meet those needs. From partnering with automotive employers, we put our learnings into practice by developing relevant training and workplace initiatives”.

If you as an employer want to tackle stress in your workplace, contact Ben via