NFDA has received feedback from dealer members that there is a degree of confusion surrounding EV charge point installation and grid upgrades.

The UK Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Association has produced a comprehensive guide that can help you clarify a number of key issues. The guide will help you understand what you need to do and what are entitled to.

Download the full guide here

We advise dealers to work with energy consultants to optimise their behind-the-meter energy use and have the lowest power requirements.

There are several innovative things that can be done in this area, including smart connections and onsite generation (Energy UK is the membership body for most of these companies).

We also advise dealers to talk to their Distribution Network Operator (DNO) about your power needs. Your DNO should come and have a connection surgery at the dealership. DNOs also run general connections workshops that dealers can attend.

For more information and contacts at DNOs please use this resource: or see the list of contacts here.

If there are specific issues, get in touch with ENA (the NFDA equivalent for DNOs): either or