Ben’s NEW survey asks automotive industry people to have their say about the health & wellbeing challenges they face

Ben, the automotive charity, has just launched its latest Industry Survey to ask the automotive community about the biggest health and wellbeing challenges they face, to ensure the charity can continue offering the right support to those in need.

This is the third year that Ben has run its survey and feedback will continue to enable the charity to ensure its health and wellbeing services remain relevant to those working in the industry now and in the future. This in turn will help more people deal with life’s challenges, supporting them to get their lives back on track.

Ben is urging automotive industry employees to take part in its survey which asks them about a range of health and wellbeing issues. The survey is for anyone who works, or has worked, in the automotive industry. Ben is also asking automotive industry employers to share the survey link with their employees – so the charity can best support them in the future.

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The results from last year’s survey found:

  • 91% of employees had been affected by a health & wellbeing issue in the last year
  • 64% of employees said poor sleep was affecting their health & wellbeing

Following the results of previous surveys, Ben has been developing its services to offer people more choice in how they receive support, for their mental health in particular. Ben also developed online support and advice to help people improve their sleep, which has been viewed 4,400 times since launching in May 2019. Whether a person works on the shop floor or top floor, in a factory, garage, office, showroom or on the road, if they work (or have worked) in the automotive industry, Ben is here for them and welcomes their input. By obtaining this vital input from industry employees, Ben can continue to tailor its health and wellbeing services to best meet their needs and address the challenges they face.

By clicking the link, participants agree to take part in the survey which takes less than 10 minutes to complete and tells Ben about the health and wellbeing issues that are most important to them. The survey is confidential and anonymous so participants don’t need to reveal their name or contact details.