After announcing its prestigious return in 2020, The British Motor show has announced it will play host to the National Automotive Recruitment Fair on the opening day of the show, August 20th.

The automotive industry faces a challenging skills shortage at a time that sees huge change in the sector. Industry bodies such as National Franchised Dealers Association (NFDA), with its Drive My Career campaign, are launching programmes to attract new talent for their members.

The British Motor Show is committed to supporting the industry and is reinforcing that point with the launch of the National Automotive Recruitment Fair, which will be held at the show on Thursday August 20th.

The Fair will see seminars and sessions from manufacturers and industry suppliers showcasing the fantastic opportunities that the industry has to offer.

The show will specifically focus on attracting young talent into the industry from schools, colleges and universities as well as promoting the industry as a forward thinking and positive place

A specific thread is also aimed at attracting more women into the industry, supported by some of the key female figureheads from across the automotive sector.

Exhibitors at The British Motor Show will be able to participate in the event for free, which is expected to attract industry leaders, retail and franchise managers, car and van manufacturers and technology bosses through the doors of Farnborough International on the day that the show opens its doors.

Andy Entwistle, CEO and Show Director, said: “We are creating a show full of passion and fun and we want to leverage that feel good factor to showcase what a great industry this is to work in. “Many people think of the industry as offering just sales or technicians’ roles. But that’s not the case. Some of the best websites and media campaigns in the UK originate in the car industry and we need to attract more creative talent into these areas as well. The technician’s role now is more akin to a software engineer than the mechanics of 50 years ago and of course you have motorsport and all the new generation technology coming through, all of which requires specialist support. There’s never been a more exciting time to consider a career in our sector and the Automotive Recruitment Fair thoroughly encapsulates that.

“We will be working with colleges, schools and universities as well as promoting this event nationwide and beyond to encourage anyone looking for a career move to come and see just what our industry has to offer. It should be a great day and gives the visitors the chance to see what’s behind the scenes of the show too.”

A more detailed programme will be announced in the new year, in the meantime the organisers are encouraging anyone who would like to find out more or get involved to contact them now for more details - email to register your interest.