Before renewing your trade plate licence, make sure you are eligible. You can apply for a trade licence if you are a motor dealer, trader or vehicle tester.

1. If you are no longer eligible or do not wish to reapply for your trade licence, you must fill in form VTL308 to surrender your trade licence and send it to DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1DZ. The front and rear trade plates should also be returned or an explanation given as o why the trade plates are not available.

2. Reply to the DVLA’s renewal notice promptly to allow us to check your application and return it to you as soon as possible.

3. Fill in the VTL318 to renew your trade licence in full. Include the payment and specify what trade plate you are renewing, then sign and date the form to declare you are either a motor trader, motor dealer or vehicle tester.

4. To support your application, it’s vital you provide a copy of your Motor Trade Insurance Certificate to match the name on your renewal application. If you cannot provide this, please tell us why and provide details of your Companies House registration number.

5. Make sure the amount payable on each cheque matches the amount you need to enclose to renew your trade licence plates. DVLA cannot accept damaged or altered cheques. If you send DVLA a damaged or altered cheque, the application will be returned to you.

6. Please allow 4 weeks before contacting DVLA to check on the progress of the application.

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