Despite the overall decline in new passenger car registrations, it was encouraging to see that sales of diesel cars grew by 2.1% in January in Germany, the largest European new car market.

In January, new car registrations fell -1.4% in Germany, however, sales of diesel cars rose by 2.1%, according to KBA, the Federal Motor Transport Authority. This increase gave diesel a 34.5% market share, up from the previous 33.3%.

VDIK, the Association of International Motor Vehicle Manufacturers, said the increase was supported by ‘good demand from fleet customers’ and the fact that ‘EURO 6d-temp diesel passenger cars are now available throughout the country’.

New Euro 6d-temp, WLTP compliant diesel cars still represent the most efficient cars for many motorists. It is positive to see that the wider availability of new diesels combined with a number of manufacturers incentives to trade-in older, polluting diesel cars have boosted sales in Germany.

UK franchised retailers are making significant efforts to inform the public about the benefits of low emission cars but it is important to acknowledge that the latest generation diesel and petrol cars will continue to play a key role over the next years.

NFDA welcomes the increase and hopes that the UK new car market will see a similar trend in the forthcoming months.

We have produced several documents to support you in explaining to your customers the differences between old and new, Euro 6d-temp diesel cars. These include leaflets, booklets and new diesel stickers. If you would like to receive any of these, please email