HM Treasury is currently undertaking a review of vehicle taxes to assess the impact of the introduction of WLTP and the subsequent higher CO2 values.

As your representative body, NFDA will be responding to this consultation. However, the HM Treasury consultation process gives significant weight to the number of responses received in favour of a certain view.

With a lot of responses expected from outside the industry, it would be highly beneficial to have as many retailer groups’ responses as possible.

The consultation includes four questions: the first two cover areas where the NFDA and retailers do not have data. However, it is not necessary to respond to these, so please focus on the third and fourth questions.

The consultation can be found here:

Question 1 The government is interested in gathering further data on the impact of WLTP on reported CO2 emissions for conventionally fuelled cars. What evidence can you provide on the differences between NEDC and WLTP reported figures for similar models of cars?

Question 2 What further evidence can you provide on the impact of WLTP on reported CO2 emissions and zero emission mileage for ULEVs?

Question 3 How should the government balance the factors (listed in the consultation) when considering whether to introduce changes to VED and company car tax on introduction of WLTP?

Question 4 Do you agree that, if the government makes changes to the vehicle tax system, the adjustment should be simple? If not, why?

Please email your consultation response by Sunday 17 February to: