Welcome to the 13th edition of the What Car? Insight publication, which takes a monthly look at the industry through the eyes of senior figures in our sector, and through the analysis of data from users of the What Car? website.

This month's highlights include:

- An interview with Paul Philpott, UK president and CEO of Kia

- A look at What Car?'s most popular new car reviews and first drives this month

- Insight into the spikes in online popularity of cars that won at the 2019 What Car? Awards

- An overview of the most popular brands and models in What Car? lease searches

- The latest batch of True MPG results, compared against official WLTP figures

- The top 20 most popular used car reviews this month

- Insight into the discounting trends across the new car market

- Alternatives being considered by potential buyers of the Seat Ateca and Mercedes-Benz A-Class

- Cars and brands generating the most New Car Buying leads via whatcar.com

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