COVID-19 update and MOTs

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This is a short update on changes DVSA has introduced to help garages during this period of uncertainty.

MOT annual assessments

Annual assessments are going well, and DVSA has taken the decision to extend the training year for 2019-20 until the end of April. This timing will be kept under review.

During this time, we encourage you to complete your annual training and assessment via distance learning. Please contact your provider if you have training booked.

MOT connected test equipment

If your Vehicle Testing Station (VTS) changes ownership, you usually have a 3 month period to comply with the requirement to install connected test equipment.

DVSA is currently suspending this 3 month time scale. Any VTS that has not installed connected

equipment within 3 months of a change in entity will still be able to test.

We encourage you to continue with your upgrades where possible.

Security cards

DVSA is currently unable to fulfill security card orders. Existing card users can use security questions. DVSA has removed the 7 day grace period to allow continued use of security questions if the card is lost, forgotten or damaged.

While they work to find a solution for new users, please do not order any new cards. They will provide an update on this shortly.

Changing your details on MTS

Select 'Your profile' at the top of the 'Home page'. Click on 'Change details' in the 'Contact details'

section to make your amendments. DVSA may contact you if you haven't already added your email address to MTS (MOT Testing Service) as requested. Make sure it's a personal and not a group one.

Contacting the MOT case review team

If you have posted letters to DSVA since Monday 23 February, email the information to: where you should also email all future information relating to cases.

Further correspondence will be sent to you via your email address recorded on MOT Testing Service.

Thank you

Thank you for the work you are doing to keep vehicles, goods and key workers moving.