EIDA is the Employers’ Initiative on Domestic Abuse, its mission is to enable employers to take action on domestic abuse – raising awareness among all employees, supporting those affected, and providing support and education to help perpetrators to stop. EIDA is a growing network of large and small businesses and NFDA is a proud member of EIDA.

To enable EIDA’s messages and information to reach as many people as possible during these times which may bring additional challenges for those living through domestic abuse, members can help with the following crucial steps.

Stay in touch

EIDA is encouraging employers to keep in touch with those they know, or fear, may be facing abuse and ask colleagues to do the same.

Become an EIDA Social Media Ambassador

Sharing stories online is a key way for EIDA to communicate its message and its tools. EIDA is currently working with the Home Office to support employers during the coronavirus pandemic and need Social Media Ambassadors to take its messages to a wide audience. If you can help, please contact media@eida.org.uk.

Grow EIDA’s network on LinkedIn

EIDA’s LinkedIn page is crucial to the initiative. Please follow EIDA and help them share their content with a wider audience at linkedin.com/company/eidaorg.

You can find guidance and advice for employers at eida.org.uk/covid-19-response.

Find more information at https://www.eida.org.uk/