The RAC has published new research outlining driver attitudes toward MOT tests during the pandemic. Please find a brief summary below.

Key findings

  • Just one-in-10 drivers (14%) surveyed say they will make full use of the extra six months added to MOT due dates, with three times that proportion (44%) planning on getting their car checked as normal despite the impact of the coronavirus.
  • Of those drivers who don’t plan on using the full MOT extension, half (52%) say it is because they want to ensure essential safety checks are made at the right time, while 40% are confident their cars are in good working order and want them to pass their MOTs as soon as possible.
  • more than one-in-10 (16%) say their reason is that they are worried there will be a huge backlog of MOT tests as the lockdown is eased further, making it harder to book a test.
  • of those who do plan on making use of the full six-month MOT extension, an overwhelming 83% say it is because they are confident in the roadworthiness of their vehicle
  • of all the drivers surveyed, more than a quarter (27%) said they weren’t even aware of the MOT extension in the first place.
  • around half (47%) of respondents still plan to get their car serviced regardless of the lockdown status, although just over a third (37%) say they’ll only do this once the lockdown is completely lifted and one-in-10 (13%) say they’ll delay their service and get it done to coincide with a later MOT.
  • Of those who are waiting for the lockdown to be lifted further, half (48%) say they are holding off booking a service because they are concerned about visiting garages during the coronavirus outbreak.