The Government has updated its guidance on the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) scheme and provided further details on the flexible arrangements going forward.

The guidance now indicates that so long as an employee has been furloughed for one period of 3 weeks between the 1 March and 30 June they can continue to be covered by the scheme going forward beyond 1 July – they do not have to be on furlough at 30 June. This is a change from the previous iteration of the guidance. Also, if they are on furlough at 30 June, so long as that period of furlough lasts three weeks, they continued to be covered by the scheme – so you could furlough someone on 22 June for three weeks, and they would still be covered going forwards even though they had not been on three weeks furlough at the 30 June.

This does give an employer scope, should it want to, to furlough people now or anytime up to the end of June, even though there are not 3 weeks left before the end of June, so long as you furlough them for a minimum of three weeks before implementing the flexible arrangements later in July.

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Information provided by NFDA retained solicitors, TLT