(Special Notice published 8 July 2020)

1.Background and guidance

MOT testing can be safely conducted during the Coronavirus pandemic, this special notice confirms relaxation to certain rules to enable test stations to remain open and test safely.


Keep following the government guidance for working safely during the corona virus pandemic. There might be slightly differing guidance for England, Scotland, and Wales. MOT testing can be safely done, whilst following that guidance.

You should always follow safe working rules as appropriate to government advice:

England https://www.gov.uk/guidance/working-safely-during-coronavirus-covid-19/vehicles

Scotland https://www.gov.scot/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-returning-to-work/

Wales https://gov.wales/staying-local-social-distancing

2.Inspection procedures (use of assistants)

For most parts of the test, it is possible to maintain safe distance from others, an assistant is still required for some parts of the test for example operating controls etc.

This may not be possible for motorcycle testing or for front suspension checks on cars, private buses, and light commercial vehicles. To assist with this, policy has been adjusted to:

  • use of an assistant is not required on front suspension checks, unless to help identify defects. Only use an assistant when there are indicators of a defect

Where assistants are needed, and safe distance is not possible then government guidance should be followed on safety precautions to take. This will mean:

  • keeping time close to the assistant as short as possible
  • do not face one another
  • consider wearing face coverings

3. Calibration of test equipment

AEs must ensure all MOT equipment calibration is up to date.

DVSA understand that currently there may be difficulty making arrangements to calibrate equipment.

Where equipment cannot be recalibrated, testing may only continue when:

• Test equipment is functioning normally and correctly

• You have documented evidence (such as an email from the calibration supplier) that they are unable to provide this service and, where possible, have a recalibration appointment date booked

Where any test equipment is not functioning correctly or is unsafe, irrespective of its calibration status, testing must cease immediately.

The two exceptions outlined in the MOT testing guide, page 20 item number 4, remain unchanged.

4. Test certificates

The requirement to issue a paper VT20 pass certificate is not required, unless the customer makes a specific request to have one.

A paper VT30 fail certificate should always be issued.

Customers can download and print certificates from the Check MOT history service, they will need the vehicle registration number and the 11 digit V5C reference number.

5. MOT viewing areas

Until further notice viewing areas can remain closed to maintain a safe environment for site staff and the public.

Some vehicle testing stations may also choose to close or modify reception and waiting areas to ensure social distancing can be maintained. We recognise that access to the MOT notice board may be restricted due to this.