A new report by Nexus Global has revealed the business confidence levels for the automotive sector amid Covid-19.

The automotive sector had a total business confidence score of 98.19 out of a total of 190 according to a new, Business Confidence Report by Nexus Global.

Nexus Global surveyed senior managers in businesses across the UK to determine how confident they feel at present regarding the current economic climate. According to the findings, automotive businesses are most assured about business competition, yet least assured about the overall health of the local economy, which comes as no surprise given the current climate.

To determine the figures, senior managers in the automotive sector were asked (on a scale of 1-10) how confident they feel at present regarding the following aspects:

The automotive sector is the fifth most confident in the UK

The automotive sector scored high compared to other sectors on the business confidence report, with a total score of 98.19 out of 190. Confidence levels are highest when it comes to business competition, happiness levels of employees, and expansion of products/services.

Please see the table below to see where the Automotive sector ranked compared to other sectors:

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