Drive My Career, the employment initiative launched by NFDA in 2018, has been polling its target audience to investigate their perception of the automotive sector and provide franchised dealers with valuable insights.

During the lockdown, Drive My Career surveyed 200 people aged 16 to 24 to understand their feelings towards their current job and how important ‘job stability’ is to them.

The majority of respondents worked in retail (not including automotive) and hospitality, and nearly 90% of them said ‘job stability’ was important or very important to them. Additionally, 37.1% said they do not feel secure in their current job.

Sue Robinson, NFDA Director, said, “In the current climate, it is unsurprising that job stability is very important to the majority of young people who are currently looking to start their professional career or find themselves at early stages of it.

Answering the question ‘What employee perks are most important to you?’, most respondents selected: health care (54.5%), annual leave (53.5%) and pension (42.1%).

Interestingly, respondents were also asked whether they would prefer to work for a small/medium or a big business and more than one in two said they had no preference (51%). Of the remainder, 35.6% selected the former option while 13.4% would prefer larger organisations.

Sue Robinson added, “NFDA and Drive My Career are in constant communication with their members and, despite the significant challenges facing dealers due to over two months of business closure, it is extremely positive that dealer groups are prioritising their people and doing every possible effort to minimise job losses.

“Going forward, NFDA will continue to assist dealers with the most pressing HR and employment issues, whilst Drive My Career will maintain its flexible approach supporting members in the areas where its resources will be most needed such as improving the perception of the sector and promoting diversity and inclusion”.