Following the announcement of a short fire break lockdown in Wales, the DVLA has communicated that they will remain open with staff on site in accordance with the published guidance for working in Wales.

In order to tackle the resurgence of coronavirus across Wales, a short, sharp firebreak will be introduced from 6pm Friday 23 October until 12:01am Monday 9 November. This means that people must stay at home and most businesses must close.

That being said, with the DVLA remaining open, staff safety remains their top priority and will continue to work with Public Health Wales and local organisations to maintain their services as safely as possible.

Online services remain unaffected by the pandemic and is the ideal alternative to visiting the DVLA in person unless it is absolutely necessary too.

Ongoing social distancing requirements means that DVLA must have fewer staff than usual on site at any one time. Therefore postal applications, which must be processed securely on site by a member of staff, will take longer than if you apply online.

Please visit the coronavirus guidance page for the most up to date information about DVLA services.