The National Motorcycle Dealers Association (NMDA), representing motorcycle dealers in the UK, continues to support motorcycle dealers with the ‘Safe to Ride’ campaign promoting the use of motorcycles as an ideal alternative to public transport.

With recent changes to tiering systems and local lockdowns, NMDA continues to support its members with the ‘Safe to Ride’ campaign promoting the use of motorcycles as an ‘ideal alternative to public transport’.

Powered Two Wheelers (PTWs) are not only a great way to keep ‘COVID safe’, they offer the public much more:

  • Safe to ride: social distancing and 'face coverings' are always required
  • Affordable ownership with very low running costs
  • Quicker journey times
  • Parking made easy and often free
  • Low emissions combined with incredible fuel economy
  • Freedom and fun

It could not be easier to get onto a PTW and out on the road. With just a single day of CBT Training, anyone from the age of 16 (with at least a provisional license) can be out and riding at least a 50cc/4kw moped.

PTWs are ‘Safe to Ride’ but we all still need to ride safe. Under current regulations helmets are compulsory BUT protective jackets, gloves and footwear are ALWAYS advised.

Motorcycles offer a ‘COVID-safe’ way to get from A to B, they are cheap to run, environmentally friendly, easy to park and, being able to avoid traffic jams, they give you freedom and a fun way to travel or commute.

Following the strong uptake of PTWs in the summer months, NMDA will continue to work with dealers to encourage more people into the motorcycle world.

For more information about the campaign, please visit:'safe-to-ride'-campaign