For trade plate renewals due in December, the DVLA have made it easier to complete the transaction in a number of ways. Normally, reminders are sent in November and applications are only processed in December.

However, due to the pressures of the pandemic, DVLA are forecasted to receive just under 85,000 applications this December renewal period. As a result, DVLA are inviting applicants to send their renewals in throughout November, by using the online renewal form (VTL318). These will then be processed once received.

Some additional temporary changes have also been made:

  • the introduction of GOV.UK Notify to confirm receipt of the renewal application– when customers provide a mobile number on their application form, DVLA will send a text message to confirm receipt of the application.
  • temporary removal of the motor insurance check – customers will not need to provide documents to evidence they have valid motor insurance for this December 2020 renewal period.

With current restrictions leading to members’ increased delivery of new and used vehicles, NFDA urges members to ensure that they continue to display trade plates in accordance with current regulations

Further guidance is available via this step by step guide provided by the DVLA.