Last week an AECDR delegation met with the responsible officials within DG Competition for the evaluation of the Vertical Block Exemption Regulation in Brussels.

The Alliance of European Car Dealers Repairers (AECDR) has been developed to promote the interests of European dealers and repairers at European level.

AECDR used this opportunity, and this critical point in time within the evaluation process, to present the key findings of its most recently conducted online survey together with the International Car Distribution Programme (ICDP) among authorised car dealers in Europe highlighting the particularities of the relationship between manufacturers and dealers in the automotive sector.

The EC representatives highly appreciated the initiative taken by AECDR and showed great interest in the survey results. Additional detailed information and practical examples were thereupon exchanged in an open dialogue.

Moreover, the participants discussed the further procedure regarding the evaluation of the Motor Vehicle Block Exemption Regulation. The review of this sector-specific legislation is still at an earlier stage, where the EC hast just commissioned Ernst & Young with an in-depth study. AECDR will be closely involved in this project and gladly offered to provide relevant facts and figures throughout the upcoming months.

AECDR meets new ACEA Director General

Additionally, at the end of February, the first official meeting was held between the new ACEA Director General, Eric Mark Huitema, and a delegation of AECDR.

After a short introduction, the representatives of ACEA and AECDR agreed that the Green Deal represents one of the most important factors for the automotive sector in the future. In view of this, ACEA referred to its 10 point plan:

Furthermore, views on such relevant issues as autonomous driving, electrification and access to vehicle generated data have been exchanged. Despite standpoints being, unsurprisingly, sometimes different, certain areas of cooperation have been identified in an open and constructive dialogue.

Since the positions of ACEA and AECDR regarding the VBER had already been previously outlined, especially on occasion of the DG COMP VBER workshop last November, this issue was not again discussed in detail.

The conversation was positive and a solid basis for future cooperation which should be mutually beneficial has been created.

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