Following a recent letter to Rachel Maclean MP, the National Motorcycle Dealers Association (NMDA) has met with the Minister and Government officials to discuss motorcycle dealers’ position regarding e-scooter trials and their future regulation.

The virtual meeting between the Department for transport (DfT) and NMDA took place on Friday 17 September and provided an ideal opportunity for the association to highlight its priorities.

The meeting followed a letter sent by NMDA to Rachel Maclean MP which outlined members’ position on future regulation. In particular, NMDA asked for the reclassification of e-scooters (PLEVS) from Electric Assisted Pedal Cycles. This class of vehicle requires the user to partly power propulsion through human action, however, with e-scooters there is no motivation or capability to do so.

Following NMDA’s letter, the classification of e-scooters was changed to Powered Transporter.

During the meeting with DfT, NMDA reiterated their support of the Government’s decarbonisation strategy and Powered Transporters as being an integral part of reaching the carbon net zero goals. NMDA called for:

Compulsory accredited road awareness training for those without full licenses (to last 24 months)

  • Wearing of safety equipment
  • Minimum rider age of 14
  • Unique identifiers on all e-scooters
  • Registration of e-scooters through RaV portal
  • Mandatory liability insurance

Paddy O’Connell continued: “By properly regulating, training and registering e-scooters, there is a natural route to market through established dealer networks that already offer rider training, safety equipment and have the facilities to register new vehicles. We will continue to voice our members’ views and liaise with DfT on this important topic”.