Shoppers that choose to use contactless payments on their card at the checkout will be able to spend up to £100 without needing to enter their PIN from the 15th of October.

The maximum amount was increased from £30 to its current level of £45 at the start of the pandemic last year, and plans to raise it further were announced in the Budget in March this year.

Account holders at banks such as the Bank of Scotland, Halifax, Lloyds and Starling will be able to set their own contactless limits when the changes are implemented. Others are expected to do the same over the coming months.

Although a number of banks do not allow their account holders to set their own limits yet, users can choose to turn off the contactless facility on their card completely.

Currently, banks are instructed by the Financial Conduct Authority to block contactless payments when more than five are processed in a row, or when the total amount spent since the last time the PIN was entered teaches £130. The total amount spending cap is also due to increase to £300 at the end of next week.