As we are quickly approaching the launch of the first Clean Air Zone in Bath, here is an update from the Government’s Joint Air Quality Unit (JAQU) reminding you of what you can do to ensure you are prepared.

Bath and Birmingham Clean Air Zones

The Bath Clean Air Zone will commence on 15 March 2021. You can find local information, updates and details on exemptions available here.

The Birmingham Clean Air Zone will commence on 1 June 2021, and further details on local information and exemptions is available here.

Check Multiple Vehicles Service - Business Accounts

Over 200 businesses have already created accounts to understand compliance of multiple vehicles in preparation for charging Clean Air Zones. This service can be found on JAQU’s home page here.

To create an account, a business needs two or more vehicles, a company name and email address.

Once set up users can:

• Upload number plates via spreadsheet (CSV) or one-by-one. The service will determine if the vehicles meet emissions standards in a zone using the number plates you upload. Only vehicles that do not meet emission standards will have to pay a charge.

• The primary account holder can invite up to 10 team members to help manage the account and assign various permissions.

• View maps of the Clean Air Zones, see when they go-live and find out guidance about national and local exemptions.

• Set up an agreement with Bath to pay by bank account as an alternative to paying by card, ready for when charging starts.

On March 15th 2021, users will need to pay charges for any non-compliant vehicles which have been driven in Bath’s Clean Air Zone. Further details on Birmingham will follow.


In order to raise awareness, an advertising campaign is now live in the South West region. Users are being redirected to the GOV.UK Clean Air Zone pages. Additionally, non-compliant vehicles which have recently driven into Bath will receive an early notice letter from the Local Authority, to inform them that from 15 March, they will be charged if they drive in the Clean Air Zone.