NFDA has welcomed findings from What Car?’s research conducted for Car Dealer Magazine, polling 5,000 consumers on where they place their trust in the car buying process.

An overall majority of 63.9% of respondents revealed that they would place their trust in franchised dealers; 22.1% in independent dealers; 8.1% in car supermarkets; and 5.9% in online car sellers.

NFDA welcomes these findings confirming that franchised Dealers remain a key component within the consumers car buying process. When a customer visits a franchised dealer, they are ensured to be met with the highest level of expertise in the automotive retailing sector. It is therefore unsurprising and extremely positive to see that nearly 64% of respondents place their trust in franchised dealers over alternate platforms.

These findings indicate the critical role franchised retailers play in informing consumers about their next automotive purchase, especially as we transition into the EV market.