NFDA’s Electric Vehicle Approved (EVA) accreditation scheme has celebrated the first accredited dealers of 2021 after the scheme reopened last autumn

EVA has been developed by the National Franchised Dealers Association (NFDA) to recognise retailers’ excellence in the electric vehicle sector. The scheme is endorsed by the Government’s Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) and Energy Saving Trust.

Following the reopening of the scheme in October 2020, the first retailers who applied to be part of the second year of EVA, have now passed their audit and received their accreditation. The first accredited dealerships of 2021 are: Vertu Skipton Volkswagen, Bristol Street Motors Nottingham Renault and Dacia, Waylands Oxford Volvo, Vertu Harrogate Volkswagen.

Since the launch in May 2019, EVA’s first year was extremely successful, with over one-hundred dealers obtaining their accredited status. As a result, the Government has renewed its co-sponsorship of the scheme. The scheme encourages dealerships to further develop their ability in selling and servicing electric vehicles, it recognises dealers’ expertise in the electric vehicle sector and promotes industry standards for the benefit of the consumer.

Energy Saving Trust independently audits individual dealerships to verify that they meet a set of standards covering EV sales and aftersales. These include the customer qualification process, staff knowledge and training, EV demonstration and handover processes as well as availability of EV service bays and charge points on site.

The EVA badge of approval helps retailers communicate their knowledge and expertise and supports consumer confidence.

Robert Forrester, Chief Executive of Vertu Motors PLC, commented: “This initiative by the NFDA puts the road to zero carbon right at the forefront of the sector. This accreditation is an important stepping stone to ensure that the dealerships have the right focus and experience on electric vehicles. The sooner every dealership in the UK has the chance to be accredited the better. I would put the whole Group through it now”.

John O’Hanlon, Chief Executive of Waylands, said: “I am delighted that Waylands Oxford has become our first retailer to meet NFDA’s Electric Vehicle Approved Accreditation. Approval is only given after a comprehensive audit undertaken of staff, training and dealership facilities and we are confident that thanks to the EVA badge our customers will immediately understand that we are at the forefront of electric vehicle retail”.

Sue Robinson, NFDA chief Executive, concluded: “It is extremely positive to see the NFDA’s Electric Vehicle Approved (EVA) scheme continue to develop paying testament to the efforts and investments automotive retailers are making to meet the fast-growing demand for electric vehicles.

“We thank the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles and Energy Saving Trust for their continued support and look forward to continuing to work with them to ensure that an increasing number of retailers and consumers alike will benefit from EVA during the transition to a zero-emission market.

“Congratulations to the first accredited dealers of 2021.”