In March, Drive My Career saw a positive increase in the number of people redirected to its members’ career portals.

Every month, Drive My Career (DMC) runs targeted social media campaigns to raise awareness of careers in automotive and help dealers fill their job vacancies. Following the forced slowdown due to the pandemic, when only a limited number of dealer groups hired new members of staff, DMC is seeing significant increases in traffic in line with dealers ramping up their recruitment efforts. Between February and March, more than 1,200 potential candidates were redirected to dealer members’ career pages and DMC campaigns reached 420,000 people.

DMC expect visits to dealers’ career pages to continue to increase over the coming months.

Additionally, in March, Drive My Career conducted a survey to understand the perceptions of a career in automotive. Among other areas, DMC investigated:

  • The correlation between demographics and people’s interest in working in automotive
  • The business areas of the automotive industry that potential candidates find most appealing
  • What percentage of the people surveyed have already thought about a career in automotive and how many of those who haven’t, would be open to the idea
  • What percentage of those interested in working in automotive would consider doing an apprenticeship

The results of the study are currently being analysed with the insight due to be published later in April. For more information about Drive My Career or to receive regular DMC updates, please contact