• Osprey Charging has signed a new roaming agreement with European EV charging platform GreenFlux. Link
  • Half of all new UK cars should be electric by 2028, says UK government. Link
  • Plans have been approved to build a £8.1m centre to train students how to make EVs in Wolverhampton. Link
  • The UK has been ranked the third best country in Europe for EV driving, but a shortage of charging infrastructure is threatening adoption rates. Link
  • UK landlords will be able to apply for 75% of the cost of charging points up to £350 where they own parking areas. Link
  • California plan aims to triple sale of EVs by 2026. Link
  • Honda has set out a $64 billion plan for a big push into EVs that includes having 20 pure battery models by 2030. Link
  • EV sales in 2021 overtook the sale of hybrid cars for the first time ever. Link
  • Battery manufacturers are confronting a severe lithium shortage, highlighting the need to challenge China’s dominance of raw material supply chains. Link
  • Vancouver proposes $10,000 annual fee for gas stations without EV charging. Link
  • Electric car drivers are unable to recharge on one in ten of Britain’s roads because of poor mobile signal, a new study has found. Link


The Times – Push for speedy electric car chargers has to step up a gear Link

The UK needs to invest in more high-speed electric car chargers to avert an infrastructure crisis. Motoring groups are worried that electric car sales are going to significantly outpace investment in charging, leaving Britons with “range anxiety” about when they’ll be able to top-up. There are concerns that too much emphasis is being put on installing “slow” and “fast” chargers, which can take between four and twelve hours to charge compared to “rapid” and “ultra-rapid” devices which can take twenty minutes to an hour.


  • A graph showing new charge point installations in the UK. Link