One-in-five buyers to consider going electric according to What Car? as fuel prices and general cost-of-living increase.

The cost-of-living crisis and, in particular, rising fuel prices has prompted nearly a fifth of in-market car buyers who previously were not in the market for an electric car to consider going electric in order to save on costs, according What Car?’s latest industry research.

What Car?’s in-market industry research of 1,113 buyers found rising fuel prices and general cost-of-living increases to have impacted the purchase decision of 43.31% of buyers, who are now either considering different makes and models, delaying their purchase, or looking at electric vehicles to reduce their running costs.

Of all buyers surveyed, 19.13% said they weren’t previously in the market for an electric car but are now considering one as their next vehicle to save on costs. The research also found more than a fifth of buyers (21.65%) have decided to delay their purchase until a later date, with 9.97% doing so by more than three months. A third of buyers (35.84%) told What Car? they are now considering different makes and models than before.