April marked the best month so far in 2022 for Drive My Career, with 1,125 potential candidates redirected to franchised dealers’ career pages.

After revamping its campaigns at the beginning of the year in line with members’ recruitment efforts, Drive My Career has seen the total number of 'clicks' to dealers’ career pages grow rapidly to a total of 1,125 in April. In less than two months, the total number of potential candidates sent to members’ career pages has doubled, continuing the current upward trend. In April, out of all DMC members, TrustFord and Perrys topped the table for number of people sent to their career pages with over 200 each.

DMC’s campaigns reached 77,000 people in April, a positive figure although this represented a decline from the previous months. The decrease is due to better targeted campaigns, with a focus on driving clicks, and higher conversion rates as the latest DMC campaigns are reaching fewer but more engaged and more relevant people.

Every other month, Drive My Career produces surveys and Survey Insights to provide dealers with valuable information about their target audience (16-24). DMC also utilises this information to keep its marketing strategy up to date, ensuring the best possible outcome. If there is any topic members would like Drive My Career to investigate and analyse, they can let DMC know. Click here to view the latest survey results

If you would like to learn more about Drive My Career, please visit www.drivemycareer.co.uk or email info@drivemycareer.co.uk.