How did you spend Christmas Day? Cooking turkey, eating mince pies, maybe watching the Christmas specials on TV? According to DVLA, some people renewed their driving licence or sold a vehicle!

Figures released by the DVLA showed how many customers used DVLA’s online services on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day - highlighting that they are quick, easy to use and available when you need them.

Here’s how many customers used DVLA’s online services over the festive period:

On Christmas day:

548 drivers over the age of 70 went online to renew their driving licence

more than 2,400 told us they’d sold a vehicle

580 people renewed their photocard licence

On New Year’s Day:

1,559 drivers over the age of 70 renewed their driving licence

7,775 sold a vehicle and told us online

2,697 customers renewed their photocard licence

DVLA has recently launched a marketing campaign to help customers learn about the benefits of going online.

In a recent blog highlighting the top 3 reasons to renew your driving licence online, customers have shared their experience using our online services.

NFDA continues to encourage dealers to use DVLA’s online services, find out more at