The Government has launched a consultation as is looking at introducing an online sales tax (OST) to rebalance the disproportionate impact that Business Rates have on brick-and-mortar stores and reducing the rates burden on some businesses. The consultation ask for views about the tax, and how it should apply and work.

As this tax is likely to impact motor retailers significantly, particularly if it is not well thought through, the NFDA will be responding to the consultation. To assist us with our response we would be keen to have views from motor retailers and we would like to hold a Teams call with our members before Easter. If you would like your organisation to be involved, could you let know who your representative will be so we can arrange a date for the call.

The NFDA has prepared a briefing document which has been shared with members, if you have not received yet, please contact us.

Link to consultation: Submission deadline: 10am 20 May 2022