The EVA Evaluation Survey ran between May and June 2022 and sought to better understand how EVA Members were finding and utilising their accreditation. As the second survey since the scheme began, results are crucial for the direction and evolution of the survey going forwards.

The Survey received responses from 59 individual EVA accredited dealer sites.

Please find a summary of key responses below:

  • Q2 – Over 60% (60.35%) of dealerships agreed or strongly agreed that their staff developed their knowledge and skills in preparation to becoming an EVA dealership.
  • Q5 – All different aspects of the audit – length, scope, efficiency, thoroughness, organisation, and the Auditor – achieved success. For a good or excellent rating, 78.95% was the lowest, which was for length, and the highest was 91.22% for the Auditor aspect. The average percentage for a good or excellent rating on the different aspects was 85.08%
  • Q6 –The overall evaluation of the audit process averaged over 4 out of 5 (4.3/5), with 44.44% of respondents giving 5 stars out of 5.
  • Q9 – Over 50% (51) were satisfied about the promotional packs and marketing tools that you can utilise as an EVA member. 42% were neutral.
  • Q10 – 54.54% valued being able to display the EVA badge at their premises and online at a great deal or a lot. 27.27% rated it at a moderate amount. 81.81% therefore found a moderate amount or more in value
  • Q11 – Approximately 50% of respondents rated the marketing of dealer’s EVA status as Neutral, across all channels – Focus point?
  • Q14 – 70% said their confidence when talking about EVs either increased or increased significantly; 66% said their skills in handling EVs either increased or increased significantly; 64% said their enthusiasm towards EVs either increased or increased significantly; and 62% said their knowledge about EVs either increased or increased significantly. Although, it is important to note that across all these points ~33 of responded with negligible change – an area to work on?
  • Q16 – 66% let their customers know that they are EVA accredited when discussing EVs.
  • Q17 – 46% said that EVA accreditation is either very important or extremely important to their EV sales process. 32% said it was somewhat important. Therefore 78% found some significance in it.
  • Q20 – 65.31% either agreed or strongly agreed that EVA accreditation will play an important role within their business in the future.

Download the full results HERE.

There are now over 400 EVA Members, with many more in the pipeline to becoming approved. With the support of Government’s Office for Zero Emissions (OZEV) and Energy Saving Trust, we would like to help the entire UK dealership network on their journey to being prepared for the electric revolution.

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