Dear Colleagues,

Summer is typically a quiet period for the industry, which we expect to be resonated in next weeks’ SMMT figures. Despite this, the NFDA continues to represent its members. With the Conservative Leadership Election coming to its conclusion next Monday, our policy team have been busy preparing welcome letters to the new faces in the cabinet, ensuring that whoever is in power understands the issues that face our industry and members.

Early this week the NFDA wrote to the Chancellor of the Exchequer, as well as the Business and Transport Secretary of States, urging government support for the industry to combat the ongoing and intensifying energy crisis.

This week saw the new car registration plates released. From Thursday 1 September all new registrations will feature ‘72’ on their plate as the age identifier. This period of new plate day marks another change, from now on all registrations will display the vehicle supplier’s business name and postcode and the reg manufacturer’s name.

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Sue Robinson, NFDA Chief Executive