Ahead of the EV Retailing Summit 2022, Motor Trader teamed up with Eva, powered by the NFDA.

Symon Cook, Head of Operations and Services at NFDA, highlighted the opportunities Electric Vehicle Approved (EVA) can offer dealers.

Cook opened the interview by identifying the importance of the NFDA and EVA participating at the upcoming event.

(Symon vid 1: MT EV Summit trail NFDA 020922 1 - YouTube)

Symon Cook continued from here signifying how retailers must understand “a criteria needs to be matched for EV standards”, while recognizing how crucial this is to all aspects of the industry. He further acknowledged the issues within the industry, such as the need for 27,000 technicians across the network, however assured that EVA can help tackle this by providing training to improve standards.

(Symon vid 5: MT EV Summit trail NFDA 020922 5 - YouTube)

EVA will be hosting a working group at the EV Retailing Summit on October 6.
EVA provides their clients with information on the latest industry standards, which is hugely important currently and is becoming an increasing issue.

(Symon vid 7: MT EV Summit trail NFDA 020922 7 - YouTube)

If you are interested in attending the EV Retailing Summit 2022, click the link below to book your tickets now.
Here you can meet the EVA team, receive quotes for your company and become an EVA approved business.
The EV Summit is on October 6, so do not hesitate to free up your calendar and attend!